Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Game Releases • Tribal Saviour v1.1

Tribal Saviour v1.1
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Android 2.2 higher
Overview: 20 Exciting Levels, 10 Creative Buildings, 16 Trophies collect,credible gameplay, Fantastic storyline, Travel Tribes World! Saviour Tribes World!

Playing game(Tribal Saviour) Metro. Suddenly,fallto Tribes World. And wake up Tribal Saviour! need ruleprimitive tribe, bringm civilization, Free tribe oppressivemination Barbarian, find way returnr own world.

Thisfree version ad supported,

* Connect 3 simple objectsger createmore valuable object: Connect 3 Seeds create saplings. Connect 3 saplings create Woods. Connect 3 Woods create Shacks. And.
* getsimple object refreshing board, Using buildr tribes world: Putmopen squ,re than 3 same object around here,y connectedger create valuable object.
* Barbarianmetimes appear.y move around, prevent building where want destroyr seeds. need Trapm: TrapBarbarian turnstoBarbarian woody prison. TrapBarbarians create Barbarian stone prison, Barbarian Farm, finally get Barbarian Treasure Chest.
* Bombs clean any objects land,cluding Barbarians rock.te: Cann't use bombs open squ.
* Magic Wand replace any objects connecting.te:Magic Wand placedout connecting , changedrock.
* use honour value buyme objects shop. And use when danger.
* use Storage storeems Magic Wand. And use High quality connecting.
* Getting advanced objects minimum number steps, earn extra honour bonus.
* Buildr Tribe larger have population. shr population global rank!

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