Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Game Releases • Epic Fish Story v2.3

Epic Fish Story v2.3
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Android 1.6 higher
Overview: Epic Fish Story Epic Devs LLC
You stork try catch fish,ing that score points.

The aim Epic Fish Story catch fishakder shown atp left screen.

IF need throw fishak, TILT phone quickly side.

We planning add fish different functions overtime.

have any idea what would like see Epic Fish Story, just tell us Facebook: Epic Devs

And now we wish happy fishing.

Recent changes:
---------- Version 23 -----------------

Minbugfixes. (In particular bug that madely 25ems highscore lists visible)

------------ Version 20 --------------

Global Leaderboard added

Now score categories:

Most points scored
Most Bls Hit ( Worst Player)
Most Goldfish Caught ( Treasure Hunter )
Most Tigerfish Caught ( Ray Mears Award )
Most Fish Caught (Moby Dick Award )