Saturday, October 6, 2012

Game Releases • Swing Shot v1.00.05

Swing Shot v1.00.05
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Android 2.2 higher
Overview: Pick up gauntlet; repair worstfenses. Explorer ninja finger ability.

Sharpenr eyesight.mere game. 'Swing-shoot'r opponents oblivion, come out victorious, ultimatep monkey-panda-sloth jungle!

Have ever wanted throwbeehive atmonkey ? Makesloth fallwnpineapple ? Wonder whatundy'd make ? Do missing sling-shot king neighborhood ? Satisfy thosener desires makem reality. Fadded contentedness,of real-time ! Try outr hand atall-new network battle Swing Shot !

? Game English!
Also French, German, Japanese, Korean Chinese.
So throw rockslanguages.

?Comic simple play!
Everyone play: justuch & drag!
Life-like movements animals.

?Exciting Network Battles through various modes !
Enjoy good ol' fashioned row
Be efficient, sleek deadly
And just getsane

?Unique features Arcade Mode!
Build upr skills 4 worlds 48 stages Arcade mode.
Hit enemies hung balloons!
Don't miss cowards hidinghind rocks!y really deserve.

?Strong dependable upgrade system
Add various animal friends upgradeir status!
Basic monkeys, swift raccoons, sniperars,e-shot-one-kill sloths, all-powerful supporter panda!
Get stronger sticks helpstand enemy attack longer.

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