Saturday, October 6, 2012

Game Releases • Happy Poo Fall v1.0.3

Happy Poo Fall v1.0.3
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Android 1.6 higher
Overview: Happy Poo back, time we're headingwn! Drop Happy Poo safelytween platforms fallwn deeper deeper.

Our friends Happy Poo Jump back! still have keep Happy Poo safe mean flies,this time havehuge range power ups help fight back.

Happy Poo brought friends timeo, collectmby picking up coins game, user coins build up Happy Poo's power ups!

This biggest Happy Poo game far, we're thrilled that're enjoyingm much. Have fun Happy Poo Fall.

Recent changes:
We had remove option earn coins watching video ads gamecause new market rules.tpeople were using, hopefully guysn't mind.'s fun earn coins playing anyway ;)
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