Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hold Screen ON: Face detection v1.47

Hold Screen: Face detection v1.47 ؏ droid razr|droid razr maxx|droid razr hd|droid razr review:roid 2.3+ ؏ droid razr|droid razr maxx|droid razr hd|droid razr review: Keep screenyou looking! ؏ ؏ ؏ application act service use front camerar phone face detection. When face detected, application prevent locking phone's screen. Just keep screenyou looking. ؏ or words, app works likeSamsung Galaxy S3 Smart Stay featurecan detects eyeso. ؏ Features: ؏

  • Compatibility mode: run almostandroid s
  • Run background
  • Face detection
  • Eyes detection
  • Do runs when screen goesf
  • Application binding: choosehaviourdividual application
؏ PLEASEE: ؏ When service preview window active, seesinglet (which have different col brightness) atp right corner desktop, justhind time.rmal.onely possiblee way grab content camerameroid s (like HTCe, Galaxy Nexus). ؏your front camera have low resolution small viewing angle, try use eyes detectionstead face detection. ؏ application usesr phone's cameraly during face scanning. default, 3 frame every 5 seconds.tweensetervals, run any or application which lock use camera. ؏ What's version : (Updated : Oct 1, 2012) ؏ ؏
  • Some bugs fixed. ؏
؏WNLOAD ؏ http://www.directmirror.com/files/197FTZEZ