Saturday, September 29, 2012

StarCaptain v1.01

StarCaptain v1.01 ؏ droid razr|droid razr maxx|droid razr hd|droid razr review:roid 2.3.3+ ؏ droid razr|droid razr maxx|droid razr hd|droid razr review: StarCaptainpuzzle game where help space captain Gloof control spaceship. ؏ ؏re's lye problem;n't have enough fuel need power stars keep going. Every time hitstar'll getboost thatsses direction choose, ship crash fastyoun't manage get next star. ؏ controllers easy master, gamereal have catch stars, have watch out supernovas black holes that kill unless learn how usem correctly. black holeforce field that, when used correctly, help finish level. ؏ control spaceshiply usingr thumbs, buttons hard-to-understand controls. ؏ than 70 levels, two worlds overe hour active game time, game keep both busy entertained. ؏ –Unique art music, space never experiencedfore! ؏ –Challenging puzzles. ؏ –Fast paced gameplay, have think fast! ؏ –More than 70 levels overhour active game time. ؏ –Twoteresting worlds. ؏, what waiting? Time takeoff, time go space! ؏ StarCaptain winner Game Concept Challange 2012. ؏ <input type="button" value=""> ؏ ؏ released Whitecracker ؏