Saturday, September 29, 2012

Exoplanet Explorer v2.3.0

JxQST.jpg ؏ Exoplanet Explorer takesjourneyto deep space,yond limitsSolar System. Based latest available data,'ll explore virtual models than 700 known planets star systems thatyhabit. ؏ full version Exoplanet Explorer 2troducesfeature that automaticallywnload latest planetary discoveries, keeping up date. time alsocludes modelsme binary star systems that known have planets, givingmuchtter idea variety different worldsGalaxy. ؏ dataurced Exoplanet Encyclopdia, SIMBAD, scientific papers,it's availableeseurces,n wherever possible calculated estimated, giving accesse complete exoplanet databases. ؏ additionintuitiveterface which allowsuch driven navigation throughGalaxy, Exoplanet Explorer alsoferscomprehensive searchol which let find planets systems that terested.cludes ability both searchrt planet name, number planetssystem evenn number starssystem, name justfew. ؏ Statistics provided summariseformation database giveglobal perspective. ؏ Planets haveen divided upto 6 classes, furr subdividesto 3 temperature classes.formationnen used create models which nsembledto workinglar systems giveidea whaty might look likewe could travelreday. ؏ Planet dividedto following mass classes: ؏ Mercurian - rocky worlds that have approximate mass Mercury ؏ Sub-terran - rocky planetsmass similar Mars ؏ Terran - rocky worlds similar mass Earth ؏ Super-terran - rocky worldshigher mass than Earth ؏ Neptunian - gas giants similar Neptune ؏ Jovian - gas giants massive massive than Jupiter ؏ planets furr dividedto following temperature classes: ؏ Hot - planets that o hot support liquid water ؏ Warm - planets star's habitable zone where liquid water could exist ؏ Cold - planetsyond habitable zone where water wouldly exist ice ؏ What's version : (Updated : Sep 29, 2012) ؏ planetformation ؏w using PHL planet data ؏ 3D engine updated ؏ Misc. bug fixes ؏ Requiredroid O/S : 2.2+ ؏ Release chathu ؏ play: ؏ <input type="button" value=""> ؏ ؏wnload: ؏ ؏

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