Sunday, September 30, 2012

Alpha – Your voice assistant v1.9.3.3 ( Android Apk App

Alpha –r voicesistant v1.9.3.3

Alpha research data facts execute commands – knows what want talks!

You talk Alpha about wear, call contacts much.

Say example “How wearday Cologne?” Alpha show relevant wear data Cologne.

Simplyk Alpha anything thatterests:

∙ How far Cologne Berlin?

∙ Howpeople live Germany?

∙ What Google?

∙ Who Angela Merkel?

∙ Show mepicture Eiffel Tower.

∙ How wear like Paris?

∙ How’s wear? (automatic position detection)

∙ What capital Turkey?

∙ Where am I? (automatic position detection)

∙ What means hello Japanese?

∙ Calculate 3 times 8 minus root tangent 3.

∙ What 2 times pi?

∙ What my horoscope?

∙ Show me my calendar.

∙ Do I haveappointment Friday?

∙ Events next day aftermorrow.

∙ Do I have appointments Tuesday till Friday 14 o’clock?

∙ WriteSMS John Doe.

∙ Createnew event.

∙ Remind memorrow at 5 o’clock meeting Peter.

∙ Who leading actof movie Avatar?

∙ Who directed Avatar?

∙ How long takes film Avatar?

∙ My name Peter. (oder den Einstellungen)

∙ My zodiac sign Aries. (fhoroscopes)

∙ Call my wife.

∙ What RTL?

∙ Go Facebook.

∙ Search Wikipedia antimatter.


∙ TV programmorrow at evening ZDF.

∙ Wake me up at 6 o’clock.

∙ Whenes FSV Mainz 05 vs FC Cologne play?

∙ How did Bayern München vs Borussia Dortmund played?

∙ Writee-mail.

∙ Navigate London.

∙ Search restaurants near me.

∙ Arere cafés here?

∙ Navigate nestctor.

∙ Searchshop Hamburg.

∙ Switch light.

∙ Lightf.

∙ Set timer 3 minutes 10 seconds.

∙ Timer at 20 o’clock.

… much!

Of coursese ly examples – Alpha understandso, if speak colloquially. We usetelligent Recognition Resampler™ method, which analyzingr speech several times helphuge database – which growing every day – providingst results.

That means: Up 60%tter voice recognition!

Andst all: Alpha improves daily,r help!

Alpha didn’t understandmething correctly –methinges work?

This normal. Alpha still under developmentmetimes lead discrepancies. Send use-mail, example via feedback menuem. We help any case!

On Play Store, we answer, unfortunately.

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Speech recognition module, e.g. Google Voicesearch Vlingo (both free Play Store)

Theline TTS powered iSpeech®.

What’s version : (Updated : Sep 29, 2012)

critical bugfix


Music functionality Alpha English

Required Android O/S : 2.1+